Why Buy

Branding & Reach
Through our reach of websites you can push your brand to any demographic audience.
Get the optimum visibility & reach the Targeted Audience for your website

Online over Offline
Online Advertising has always been better option than offline from a cost effective and tracking prospect. We provide you complete tracking & Branding solutions you need from an Online Advertising Company

At Least 24 hour Unique Visitors
we do not count the same visitor more than once per 24 hour period.

Dedicated Account Manager
You will be appointed one dedecated Account management resource for campaign optimizations.

Real-Time Stats
Keep track of your campaign's progress and website traffic delivery by providing you online delivery stats.

Set Traffic Limit or Pause Traffic
we provide you access to Set number of visitors to your site each day or pause your traffic any time.

Ability to Change URL
Have two pages or URLs to promote? Change URLs with ease at any time.

Ability to Change Category Target
You can switch your target category mid- campaign without re-ordering.

Quality Traffic Source
Our networks are screened for quality, target category, and business practices before they are approved and able to display your ad. To make it even better for you we provide KW targeting on contextual & Behavioural ads.

No Hidden Fees
You pay only once for your traffic. No set up, adserving, pay per click, no recurring billing, no contract or hidden costs.

Discount Prices for Bulk buy
We do offer huge discounts for the bulk buy from advertiser, with inventory booked for over 1 million visitors with 50,000 visitors per day

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